Britons work longer hours than those in many other developed nations

Nearly 12.7% of Brits regularly work 50 hours or more per week, the OECD How’s Life? Report 2017 has revealed.

The report also examines housing, health, income, employment, environment and personal safety to rank nations’ overall well being. The report places the UK in the bottom third of the OECD’s 35 member states when it comes to both housing affordability and working hours. On the plus side, the UK fared well against most members in other areas, for example due to its high levels of employment and good access to social support.

Does this sound like you? Many of us work long hours just to keep up to date and ahead of the game. Work life balance is a common topic for discussion and how to achieve it, but is there an answer with constant interruptions, e-mails, and an expectation for an immediate response?

Stress related absence from work is at an all time high, and people often don’t feel like they have the time to catch up on their lives let alone plan for the future.

As a Chartered Financial Planner I can help bring clarity to longer term plans, assist in setting achievable goals which if followed could offer a way to calm the chaos of a busy working schedule and give focus to why we continue to work hard and how we will ultimately reap the rewards and spend time on the things we enjoy, and are important to us in our lives.

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